Françoise Wattré


The artists vocation is to bring light into the human heart.
— George Sand

I´ M Françoise Wattré

I was born in France and live in Southern Germany.


This quote from George Sand really resonates with me - I love to bring beauty & joy into this world and to inspire people with my art.

I believe that we all need more enriching and empowering energy around us to face the challenges in our daily lives. I love to capture the beauty of movement and the living world in my art, using flowers to express precious moments that encourage the viewer to savour them.

My art reflects a contemporary, elegant interpretation of a traditional theme - flowers in my art are symbols for the beauty and preciousness of life.

For many years I painted in oil and watercolor. By combining these techniques with my experiences from the Art Academy I’ve developed my own personal style I use today.

My paintings are created with a variety of mediums including acrylics, pigments, oil crayon and more and are inspired by poems, music and feelings.

An Art Historian described my work as: “Bold yet poetic and invites the viewer to dream and reconnect to their inner longings.”

Kenneth Walter Interiordesigner from Chicago featured in Architectural Digest and others says :

” I adore the artwork of Françoise Wattré!! Her pieces ooze with sophistication, thoughtfully added color, beautiful movement and a graceful lyricism rarely found in contemporary artwork today. Not only is she talented, but Françoise is a sublime human being with a big heart, she well understands what a client needs. I highly recommend working with Françoise. All of my encounters with her have been delightful. Once you get to know her I’m sure you will agree as well whether you purchase something from her existing inventory or grant her a special  commission you will not regret it. “

My art has also been featured in international Art Magazines and can be found in galleries in the USA and Europe. One of my art lovers said it so beautifully that I want to share this :

Since I love your art - keep spreading your creativity in the world. People NEED beauty.

It softens them and opens them up to new ways of seeing the world they live in.
— G. Younger

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